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DAY of SIlence today : June 26.

Silence: this is what we'll all get if the royaly fees proposed by teh CRB will not be changed.
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It’s been quite some time since I wrote on RIAA (still fat there, guys?) or CRB and their mischiefs. So far, it looks like the Congress is experiencing a rather low interest in the fate of the internet-based radio broadcasters, namely, webcasters.

The almost insane royalty fees proposed by the CRB (Crappy Rotten Bulls**t aka the Copyright Royalty Board) are most likely to lead the webcasters to complete extinction. The high royalty rates are due to become effective on July 15th and they will backfire in the year 2006; they involve a minimal tax of $500 per channel for every internet radio no matter the size and number of listeners.

This way, the small and dedicated web stations are the first to go, soon followed by more and more similar online media. The webcasters, grouped in the Save Net Radio organization, have appealed the decision of the CRB but so far the royalty bill hasn’t been co-sponsored by too many enthusiast congressmen.

Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA) was the first to signal this in an official medium in the Congress and has managed to draw attention to the dangers of such radios becoming extinct. The campaign against the new royalty rates goes on as more and more web radios have inserted jingles appealing people to call their congressmen and ask them to get involved.

The next activity of Save Net Radio will be held on June the 26th which has been declared an internet radio Silence Day. The Day of Silence is expected to receive massive support this year; unlike the 2002 similar action. The 2002 Day of Silence was intended for small webcasters whereas this year’s manifestation will most likely involve large players as well.

The 26 June Day of Silence is intended for showing people how the internet will be like if the currently-adopted royalty fees stand. Myself, I hope that the CRB chokes of that money.

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