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Coldcut Essential Mix 1/29/06

Coldcut Essential Mix 1/29/06 

Matt Black and Jonathon Moore have been creating tracks since the mid-80’s. It wasn’t until they came together as Coldcut and formed the highly innovative label Ninja Tune that they really started to have any success. With tracks such as “Mo Beats”, “Beats and Pieces”, and “Greedy Beat” they helped lay the foundation for hip-hop instrumentalists like DJ Shadow and RJD2. The Ninja Tune label has released albums and singles from DJs and producers such as the deep hip-hop of DJ Food, turntablist extraordinare Kid Koala and Russia’s DJ Vadim.

Coldcut themselves, however, are probably most known for their remix of Eric B. and Rakim’s “Paid In Full”. As DJs, their “Journeys by DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness” is commonly regarded as both turntablist purists and dance music afficionados as the greatest mix album of all time. Coldcut take DJing to the next level, quite literally. The mix boasts a slew of artists ranging from Coldcut themselves and their Ninja Tune brethren to the old school hip-hop of Boogie Down Productions and Newcleus to the smooth soul of Jhelisa, even touching down in dub and reggae territory with artists such as Junior Reed. That isn’t all though – they even play ambient music – yes, proper ambient music by piano player Harold Budd (the beautiful “Balthus Bemused By Color”) and Luke Slater’s 7th Plain, and along side this they even find time to spin jungle and techno pioneers Photek and Plastikman. Basically, if you don’t have it – buy it.

With so much acclaim and praise, o­ne might think it a no brainer for Coldcut to have done an Essential Mix right after the release of “Journeys by DJ”. Instead, it took eleven years for Pete Tong to give the Ninja Tune offices a call and schedule a time for Coldcut to get busy o­n the Radio o­ne decks. The mix starts off with some classic hip-hop, including Sweet Tee and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” with the original Lou Reed vocal over it. The mix then moves in to expiremental electro-house territory, before starting the second hour with some drum-n-bass like DJ Zinc’s “Super Sharp Shooter” and Krust’s infamous roller “Warhead”. Laced in between is Wayne Smith’s heavy “Under Me Sleng Teng”. Finally rounding out the mix is Franz Ferdinand’s “This Fire” over a floating dub reggae track, they then put Bjork’s “Hidden Place” with a backing track that consists of reggae guitar, 808 drums and opera-like vocals.

While this mix is not another “Journeys by DJ”, it is an entertaining mix that keeps you nodding your head the whole time and leaves you in awe at some of the things Coldcut come up with — George W. Bush doing “Imagine”, for o­ne. If you like DJ Yoda and Dan Greenpeace’s take o­n Coldcut’s cut-n-paste style from their Essential Mix in 2003, you will like this o­ne as well. Coldcut prove that even in an era when a kid with a computer can create “Jay-Zeezer” it still takes talent and a knowledge of music and DJing to create truly beautiful music using . It is rare that you get a DJ mix that contains creativity. It is even rarer to find an Essential Mix with longevity that doesn’t just contain the newest and hottest tunes.

(yes, these guys make ridiculously good hip-hop)


Adam F ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
Will I Am ‘Who Am I?’ (White Label)
DJ Vadim ‘The Terrorist’ (Ninjatune)
Supercat ‘Don Dada’ (Wild Apache)
Kenny Dope ‘Don dada’ (Big Beat)
Lou Reed ‘Walk o­n The Wild Side’ (RCA)
Tribe Called Quest ‘Can I Kick It?’ (Jive)
Mr Scruff ‘Trouser Jazz’ (Ninjatune)
The Party ‘Imagine’ (Mp3)
Sweet Tee ‘It’s My Beat’ (Edel)
KRS o­nE ‘Dope Beat’ (Big Daddy)
AC/DC ‘Back In Black’ ( Atlantic )
Harry Hall ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ (White Label)
KRS o­nE ‘Sound Of Da Police’ (Jive)
Lumidee ‘Never Leave’ (Universal)
Eric B & Rakim ‘I No U Got Soul’ ( Island )
Eric B & Rakim ‘Paid In Full’ ( Island )
Zebra Breaks ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
ColdCut ‘Smoke This o­ne’ (Big Life)
The Soul Searchers ‘Ashley’s Roachclip’ (Alpha Omega)
Playschool ‘Bang o­n A Drum’ (BBC)
Disco 3 ‘Stick Em’ (White Label)
Cutty Ranks ‘The Stopper’ (Fashion)
Slim ‘It’s In The Mix’ (Epic)
Method Man ‘Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Remix)’
Saul Williams ‘Not In Our Name’ (Ninjatune)
Rare Earth ‘I Am Losing You’ (EMI)
Jeremy Stieg ‘Howlin’ For July’ (Blue Note)
Beastie Boys ‘Sure Shot’ (Capitol)
The Majesticons ‘Suburb Party’ (Big Dada)
Tickle 3 ‘I Got What U Need’ (White Label)
DJ Z Trip ‘Listen To The DJ’ ( Hollywood )
The Invada ‘Showtime’ (White Label)
J Roc ‘Dirty Fingered B-Boy’ (Ninjatune)
Part 2 ‘One Of Dem Days’ (Big Dada)
Yummy ‘It’s Good To You’ (White Label)
Harmonic 33 ‘The Shape Shifter’ (Warp)
Pizzy Yelliot ‘Could You Be Loved (Disco)’
Harmonic 33 ‘Funky Duck’ (Warp)
ColdCut ‘Mr Nicholls’ (Ninjatune)
McKay ‘Takin Over’ (White Label)
Dave & Ansel Collins ‘Double Barrel’ (Trojan)
Philorene ‘Bola’ (Organico)
Antipop Consortium ‘38303′ (Antipop)
Ganja Crew ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ (Ganja)
Wayne Smith ‘Sleng Teng’ (Greensleeves)
Junior Reid ‘One Blood’ (Big Life)
Krust ‘Warhead’ (Full Cycle)
Slymoo ‘Police & Thieves’ (Arista)
Coldcut ‘Everything’s Under Control’ (Ninjatune)
Coldcut ‘Revolution’ (Ninjatune)
Cane ‘Grand Old Party Mix’ (White Label)
Sunra Arkestra ‘Yahyahs Resonance FM Rap’ (Continue To Explore)
Baba Brooks ‘Twilight Zone’ (Proper)
Sandra Melody and Diplo ‘Newsflash’ (Big Dada)
Temperance 7 ‘Charley My Boy’ ( Lake )
Crazy Titch vs Coldcut ‘1 hr To Make This’ (White Label)
Lee Sratch Perry ‘Cloak And Dagger’ (BE)
Franz Ferdinand ‘This Fire’ (Domino)
King Tubby ‘Base Dub’ (Music Club)
Alan Watts ‘Listen’ (White Label)
Bjork ‘Hidden Place’ (One Little Indian)
The Congos ‘Open Up The Gates Of Zion ‘ (Go-Feet)
King Tubbys ‘Confusion Dub’ (Snapper)
Son Kite ‘Other Side’ (Tribal Tribe)
Iggy Pop & Stooges ‘Down o­n The Street’ (Elektra)

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