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Classic DJ Mayonnaise (anticon) mixtape for download !

Classic DJ Mayonnaise mixtape for download!

DJ Mayonnaise is a guy me and Waxfactor have known about for a long time, ever since we both grabbed his ?55 Stories? album (in both cases I suspect because of the 1200 Hobos seal of quality o­n the front) and totally freaked out over it. In short, it was more of the greatness you come to expect from 1200 Hobos affiliates like Mr Dibbs, Sixtoo, Marcus B, DJ Signify and more.

In addition to his album though, Mayonnaise cut some awesome mixtapes, and he?s now made o­ne of them available to download o­n his website ?I?m Not A Turntablist, I Just Scratch A Lot? is from 1997, and while it wasn?t quite the trademark 1200 Hobo super-deep mix style (see also: Mr Dibbs ?Turntable Scientifics?, Signify?s ?Mixed Messages? and anything by Marcus B) it is still a tasty item; a scratch mixtape in the same style of the likes of (fellow Hobo) T-Rock or Faust. In short: classic stuff.

So, click below to get hooked up!

?I?m Not A Turntablist?? Side A 39.5Mb

?I?m Not A Turntablist?? Side B 41Mb

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