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basement _soldier_-_d'n'b_mix

BASEMENT SOLDIER D’N’B MIXdownload here :http://netfrag.org/~ug/zenith_-_basement_soldier.mp3
59.00 min. / 75.7 mb /

very high VBRcovers :http://www.sound-renegade.thezes.com/zenith/zenith_basementsoldier_cover

this mix is produced using o­nly the following toolz :

numark ttx turntable //
sony mz-r900 md player //
stanton sk-6f


1.intro // human traffic dialoge
2.digital // goldie feat. krs1
3.wamdue project // you’re the reason
4.grooverider // poison ivy
5.fallen angels 21 // the shockwave
6.interlude // kill bill dialoge
7.moving shadow // ez roller ‚tough at the top‘
8.millenia nova // i’m dead
9.concorde dawn // don’t tell me
10.chemical brothers // out of control
11.dj mzane // march mix part 1
12.craft rec. 44 // action
13.dj mzane // march mix part 2
14.wax doctor // the spectrum
15.interlope // selfcontrol
16.the fugees // fu-gee-la
17.outro // frasier theme

Von ZenitH

LOCATION: munich