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Australian Radio Station talks with Heads

The Triple J HipHOP Radio Show from Australia featuring a lot of interesting Interviews

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Immortal Technique – Part o­ne (2.01 mb) 25/11/2004
Get political with New York?s number o­ne underground emcee, Immortal Technique.

Immortal Technique – Part Two (1.63 mb) 25/11/2004
Listen to the second instalment in Maya?s interview with Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique – Part Three (2.89 mb) 25/11/2004
In the final part, Immortal Technique discusses the elements of the future
Kool Herc – Part o­ne (1.26 mb) 19/11/2004
Maya catches up with the man that started it all. It was in 1974 when Kool Herc was djing at his sister?s party and decided to mic two breaks o­n his record together, thus creating Hip Hop. Naturally, the first question asked was, ?Where did the term ?Hip Hop? come from??
Kool Herc – Part Two (2.91 mb) 19/11/2004
People say that because Kool Herc was Jamaican Hip Hop has roots in Jamaica, is there truth in that?
Kool Herc – Part Three (2.01 mb) 19/11/2004
In the final instalment, Kool Herc gives some advice to mc?s
Upshot (3.16 mb) 19/11/2004
Sydney based Hip Hop band Upshot talk about their latest album and MC 13th Son?s fascination with aliens and the extra terrestrial.
C.L Smooth (1.26 mb) 19/11/2004
Legendary old school emcee, C.L Smooth talks to Maya about the state of Hip Hop, first question being will there be another album woth Pete Rock?
Gift Of Gab (.937 mb) 19/11/2004
Quannum emcee, Gift Of Gab talks to Maya about his solo work, first explaining how his solo album is different to his music with Blackalicious.
Obese Records (2.81 mb) 19/11/2004
Find out all you need to know about Australia’s biggest independant Hip Hop label and record store, Obese Records. Pegs explains all…

Swollen Members (3.03 mb) 12/11/2004
Maya talks to Canadian Hip Hop crew about their music, snowboarding and Battle Axe Records.
Scribe (4.53mb) 01/02/2004
The Christchurch MC and his producer P-Money speak with Maya Jupiter.

RJD2 (1.95mb) 27/06/2004
RJD2 chats to Maya about his goals, the artists he’s been working with recently and what people can expect to her in his up-coming shows in Australia (with Kid Koala).

Stealth – Mark Pollard (1.85 mb) 12/11/2004
Mark Pollard, editor and director of Australia’s biggest Hip Hop magazine takes us through the ins and outs of how Stealth is successful, celebrating it’s 5th birthday.
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