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The Scene

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The Scene is a collection of pirate networks that illegally obtain and transfer new movies, music, and games before they are even released and distribute them throughout the Internet (and previously through BBSes). These kinds of people are extremely organized in their behavior and are very paranoid about their secrecy. They maintain a so-called “hidden network” of top-level FTP sites (“topsites“) that get the highest quality files first and allow them to fall down the elaborate pyramid of illegal downloaders until seen o­n P2P programs and networks.

During the 1980s what is now known as the demoscene began to branch off from “the scene”.

The.Scene is also a mini-series about the pirate scene. The series were financed through sponsorship deals and released for free o­n the P2P under a Creative Commons license. It is rumored to be made by Sony. Mitchell Reichgut, director of the series, says in an e-mail newsletter:

“Another question that keeps coming up in our IRC channel and in forums around the Web, is our rumored connection to SONY. As it happens, o­ne of our producers has a day job there (which was probably the genesis of all the conspiracy theories) but that's as far as it goes. We pay for “The Scene” ourselves; I write all the scripts, and the idea that the show is some kind of anti-piracy propaganda is truly silly.”

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Q. Who are you guys?
A. We're Jun Group Entertainment, the first company to provide top-notch, free, legal entertainment to file traders.

Q. Why are you making the show?
A. We ask ourselves the same thing nearly daily! Probably it's because we really enjoy it. For o­ne thing, we've always thought 'the scene' was a fascinating place, and it's about time someone made a dramatic series depicting this exciting underground.

The Scene is o­nly the first of several planned shows. Keep an eye out for them!

Q. Can my company sponsor the show?
A. Absolutely! Please write to us, at

Q: How many people watch The Scene?
A: Each episode of The Scene has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in over 70 countries around the world!

Q: What is “The Scene” in real life?
A: The Scene is the piracy underground where 99% of pirated movies, songs, video games, etc start out. There, thousands of pirates upload, download, and trade files (often illegally) using FTP sites. From there, the files make their way o­nto the peer-to-peer networks, that so many know and love.
You can find more information o­n

Q. How long does it take for a new episode to come out?
A. New episodes are released about every 3 weeks.

Q. Is Brian Sandro a real person?
A. As it says at the end of the episodes, The Scene is a work of fiction. Fiction, as in, we make this stuff up. But just because there's no real person called Tony Soprano doesn't mean that there's no such thing as the Mafia.

Q: What software do you use to record The Scene?
A: We use a program called Camtasia ( to record the chats. The actor is filmed separately.

Q: Who plays Brian?
A: Brian is played by NYC-based actor Joe Testa.

Q: Where can I find the 'theme song' from the episodes?
A: The theme song is “Catch Me” by Maylynne, available at our download page (

Q: Where can I get more of Maylynne's music?
A: For now, you can't. We're working o­n it.

Q: Where can I find other music from the artists in the episodes?
A: All the music is available, for free, at our download page (

Q: How long has this series been going o­n?
A: Episode 1 came out in mid-December, 2004.

Q: How can I contact you guys?
A: Business inquiries may be addressed to, Comments, questions, and feedback about the show can be sent to — we'll reply, we promise — or catch us o­n IRC at #TheScene (which you can get to at

Q: Do you guys have anything to do with any other company?
A: Jun Group is a privately held company in South Norwalk, CT. We do marketing work for a number of clients, but The Scene is our own baby.

Q: You guys are fakes! The Scene is just some sort of anti-piracy propaganda!
A: The cops haven't caught Brian yet, have they?


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Episodes 1-9 BitTorrent (Courtesy of LegalTorrents)

Episode Ten Web Link
Episode Ten
Episode Ten E-Donkey
Episode Ten Dijjer Network (Courtesy of Dijjer)

Episode Nine Web Link
Episode Nine
Episode Nine E-Donkey
Episode Nine Dijjer Network (Courtesy of Dijjer)

Episode Eight Web Link
Episode Eight
Episode Eight Gnutella Clients
Episode Eight E-Donkey
Episode Eight Dijjer Network (Courtesy of Dijjer)

Episode Seven Web Link
Episode Seven
Episode Seven Gnutella Clients
Episode Seven E-Donkey
Episode Seven FastTrack (Using TrustyFiles)
Episode Seven
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode Six Web Link
Episode Six
Episode Six Gnutella Clients
Episode Six E-Donkey
Episode Six FastTrack (Using TrustyFiles)
Episode Six
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode Five Web Link
Episode Five
Episode Five Gnutella Clients
Episode Five E-Donkey
Episode Five FastTrack (Using TrustyFiles)
Episode Five
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode Four Web Link
Episode Four
Episode Four Gnutella Clients
Episode Four E-Donkey
Episode Four FastTrack (Using TrustyFiles)
Episode Four
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode Three Web Link
Episode Three BitTorrent

Episode Three Gnutella Clients
Episode Three E-Donkey
Episode Three FastTrack
(Using TrustyFiles)
Episode Three
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode Two Web Link
Episode Two

Episode Two Gnutella Clients
Episode Two E-Donkey
Episode Two FastTrack (using TrustyFiles)
Episode Two
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of

Episode o­ne Web Link
Episode o­ne
Episode o­ne Gnutella Clients
Episode o­ne E-Donkey
Episode o­ne FastTrack (Using TrustyFiles)
Episode o­ne
Dijjer Network (Courtesy of


Theme Song – Maylynne
Episode 10 Music – Lendi Vexer
Episode 9 Music – Temple City
Episode 8 Music – Kmotiv
Episode 7 Music – Spirograph and Hypnotic Melody
Episode 6 Music – Sunburn
Episode 5 Music – Togetha Brotha Soundsystem
Episode 4 Music – Ikarus
Episode 3 Music – Endless Blue
Episode 2 Music – The Silk Demise
Episode 1 Music – Magi

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