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A deep FreeMind Mixtape Release : Shards and Fragments

The Konspiracy Group is pleased as punch to present to
you ‘Shards and Fragments,’ something new from the
repetitive sounds arm of our fine company. This
serving is the fifth in a grand series of pan-ambient
mixed compactdisc releases from Konspiracy Group
founder and owner, Kuma.

This time we’re getting electroclash on that ass. That
is is you define mixing abstract ambience with
art-pop, middle eastern vibes, hip-hop, jazz and
spoken word evocations as perhaps a CLASH of

‘Shards and Fragments’ is the first in a two part
series, the second of which is a disc entitled
‘Fragments and Totems.’ This CD is to be set loose on
the public shortly, with the entire package, both in
single and double CD formats, being available to the
public from the Konspiracy Group and stores throughout
North America.

‘Shards and Fragments’ is for evocation.

‘Shards and Fragments’ is for everyday, not just for
sunny ones.

‘Shards and Fragments’ just had breakfast with the Sea

‘Shards and Fragments’ demands nothing short of a
total war.

A reminder: Nothing was stroked, chins or otherwise,
in the making of this promotional item.

‘Ghosts are not lawful.’
-William Blake

Any questions?

Shards and Fragments is:

el-p -FanDamIntro
coil- xmas is now drawing near
stars of the lid- mullholland
radiohead- everything in its right place
set fire to flames- mouths trapped in static
tosca- wien in e
rjd2- smoke and mirrors
dj spooky w/ carl hancock rux- asphalt
plastic spider thing- part 1
cannibal ox- a b-boys alpha
natascha atlas- power of vibrations
muslimgauze- fakir (bed of nails mix)
robert rich- the simorgh sleeps on velvet tongues
scorn- stairway
coil- the sea priestess
bola- Vm8
bjork mit funkstorung- all is full of love
phillip jeck- pax
coil- batwings(A Liminal Hymn)

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