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2,3,BREAK hip hop, funk, DnB, reggae, soul, rare groove mixes –

Ru C.L: Mixtape Styles

Keeping it raw, Ru C.L (pronounced roo-cee-el) “Mixtape Styles” was written in a week and recorded in two days. Some of your your favourite old and new hip hop joints and jams have been re-interpreted by Ru C.L and mixed expertly by that manipulating agent, Katalyst.

Track List:

01 Introducing
02. o­ne Thing
03. Naughty Girl
04. Number o­ne Spot
05. Not Many
06. Encore
07. Drop it Like it’s Hot
08. Uzi (Pinky Ring Thing)
09. Made Ya Look
10. So Ghetto
11. Cop That Shit
12. Bluesin’ It
13. Brooklyn Zoo
14. Halftime
15. Satisfied
16. My Friend
17. The Set Up (You Don’t Know)
Finger Lickin presents Soul of Man mixup

Soul of Man drops the latest instalment of funk-fuelled nuggets from the world’s favourite breakbeat label, Finger Lickin Records. Track list has all the usual suspects including Soul Of Man, Drumattic Twins, Plump DJs, Lee Coombs and more! This o­ne is for the breakbeat headz!!!

Track List:
01. Slyde – We Love It
02. Drumattic Twins – Sticky
03. Soul of Man – Get It Girls
04. Drumattic Twins – Rocksteady
05. Plump DJs – Creepshow (Soul of Man remix)
06. Plump DJs – Soul Vibrates 07. Lee Combs and Dylan Rhymes – Alright All
08. Soul of Man – Kickback
09. Lee Combs & Meat Katie – The Hum
10. Soul of Man – Shake ’em Down (Dylan Rhymes remix)
11. Plump DJs – Bullet Train
12. Lee Coombs & Andy Gardner – Obsessional Rhythm (Atomic Hooligan remix)
DJ Bonez cooks it up in Mamas Kitchen

Melbourne hip hop label, Obese Records has been kickin it for a decade now. Yeah mate, thats 10 years of damn fine hip hop from o­ne of Aussie hip hops most original labels. To commemorate such a feat, DJ Bonez has stepped to the decks and released a mix album consisting of 2 CD’s choc full of Obese tracks. They’ve called this session the Mamas Kitchen mix album and it’s available through Obese now!

Track Listing:
01. My Imagination – After Hours
02. Slob My Knob – Art of War
03. Fast Pace – Hyjak and Torcha feat. MC Kye
04. Rapunzal – A-Love
05. Point of No Return – Hyjak
06. Beastly – Upshot
07. Cut Throats – Brothers Stoney
08. BBQ Song – Mass MC feat. MC Thorn
09. Dumb Enough – Hilltop Hoods
10. Woody Wood Pecker – Dazastah
11. Type Cast – The Hospice
12. Melways – Reason feat. Bias B
13. Courageous – Matty B
14. Tins of Beans – Pegs
15. We Built This – Solomon Kleptoe
16. Clarity – Andy Struksha
17. Bad Habits – Funkoars feat. Headlock, Suff and Pressure
The Hermitude Mixtape

The Hermitude are releasing a new album, Tales of the Drift, and to give all you Hermit fans out there a taste of what to expect, we got a copy of the mixtape teaser courtesy of the wicked people over at Elefant Traks!
Featuring tracks from their new album, Tales of the Drift, as well as some old favourites along with a nice Spikey Tee remix of Gusto’s Theme, it’s prime Aussie hip hop cuts mate!

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Tapedeck Sound
03. Gustos Theme (Spikey Tee remix)
04. Nightfalls Messenger
05. Daze in Wobblyland
07. Galactic Cadillac
08. Can’t Stop
09. Cave Styles
10. Blu MC
11. Section Reckin
12. Highway Burner
13. Splendid Isolation

Visit the Elefant Traks web site and order yourself a copy of the new album now!
DJ Shortfuse Sonic Violator mixup

With over 10 years of skillz under his belt, DJ Shortfuse has been ripping shit in the turntablist game for a long time. With tracks o­n reknowned Bomb records compilation Return of the DJ series among several other releases from Bomb Records and Hip Hop Slam, he definitely has been gaining recognition in a world of mundane skratch tracks and boring live shows. Reknowned for being the black sheep of the pack, opting to rock out with metal, rock, and crazy intrumental records along with mad skratching and a live steez o­nly he can do, you can be sure that he is o­ne of a kind. The “Sonic Violator” mixup is a much loved underground classic featuring original material from Shortfuse & his old crew Occidents along with some dope underground and classic material from the late nineties and has sold over 3000 copies for a good reason. A chainsaw masochistic turntablist in the extreme, you should check this mixup out now before someone comes and kicks your head in!

Sonic Violator Track List:

01. Shortfuse – 4 Stages of Lupus
02. Blackalicious – Def, Dumb and Blind
03. Tash – Bermuda Triangle
04. Sacred Hoop – Bathtub Gin
05. Shortfuse – Likher Pig
06. Prototype – Occidents (95 demo mix)
07. KRS o­nE – Mortal Thoughts (blend)
08. Mad Skillz – Conceited Bastard
09. Organized Konfusion – Thirteen
10. Saafir – Crawl B4 U Walk
11. Shortfuse – Mommy Outro
12. Rumble & Prototype – Double Penetration
13. Saul Williams – Twice the First Time
14. 7L & Esoteric – Def Rhymes
15. Del – Help Me Out (remix/blend)
16. Blade – We’ll Survive
17. Shortfuse – Cruise Through Space
18. KRS o­nE – Like a Throttle
19. Blackmoon – Showdown
Shepdogs Pet not Pest mixup

Direct from the U.K and showing an affinity with mans best friend, Shepdog has dropped his party funk and grooves mix o­n 2,3,BREAK! Featuring tracks from Australias Flow Dynamics, Fort Knox Five, Sleeve, Jersey Devil Social Club and 2020 Sound System, this Shepdog mix is o­ne for the funk dawwwwwgz!

Shepdog “Pet not Pest” Track List:
01. Pet Intro
02. Tribute to JB Family” ? The Last Minister
03. Get it o­n” ? Sleeve
04. “Live in the Mix” ? Flow Dynamics
05. “C?mon People” ? Kraak en Smaak
06. “Set Fire to the Disco” ? Kraak en Smaak
07. “Hear Sugar” ? Double Beat
08. “Hey Jack” ? 2020 Soundsystem
09. “Tribute at 121bpm” ? Jersey Devil Social Club
10. “The Owner (Fort Knox remix)” ? Dr Rubberfunk
11. “Dodge City Rockers (All Good Funk Alliance mix)” ? Fort Knox Five
12. “Galaxy (Plumps remix)” ? War
13. “The Bounce” ? Trevor Loveys
14. “Say Yeah” ? Kraak en Smaak
15. Pest Outro
The Flow Dynamics Funk Truck Mix 2

The second funky payload from the Flow Dynamics funk truck has been dropped o­n 2,3,BREAK! The second in a tri-series of mixes put together by W.A’s very own Flow Dynamics. o­nce again, there’s nothing rare or obscure here, just a mixup of some fun, funky tunes that friends and family kept asking Flow Dynamics to make.

Track List:
01. Junket Sisters – What you waiting for?
02. Fela Sola – Say No Go
03. King Crete Poppy – Great Raspberry Ripoff
04. Double Gee & Pricklee – Lesson Two
05. Jim Mission – Hotslice Payback
06. Double D Cup and Slideski – Lesson 3
07. The Sequins/Deskchecka – Simon Says
08. Bob Basin & Easy He – It Takes Two
09. Nut Blemish – Lesson Six
10. DJ Brad Lowe – Lesson Four
11. Boggy Shoes Experience – Piper Cherokee
12. Quite Frankline/One Pascal – Respect
13. Deli Sol – Saturdays
14. Jim Mission/Gym Dodgers – Give it up Outro

Visit the Flow Dynamics web site now to find out all the latest news, releases and tour info.
Joe Ransom Hip Hop Mix

Joe Ransom is the man behind the hugely successful FabricLive 20 CD and he drops some hip hop madness o­n 2,3,BREAK! Plenty of U.K hip hop in here (suprise, suprise!) as well as some solid favourites. Mos, Def, Nas, Snoop Dogg get a run alongside Ty, Young Gun, Evil Ed and Mr Thing in a real club dancefloor smasher!

01. Mr Thing & Yungun – Dancing Shoes!!!
02. Nas – Get Down
03. Mos Def – Wylin Out Remix
04. Ty – So U Want More?
05. Evil Ed Ft Yungun – Nico Suave
06. Nas Ft Ludacris & Doug E. Fresh – Virgo
07 Snoop Dogg – Drop It’s Like It’s Hot
08. Kardinal Offishall – Hurricane
09. Jo Budden – Wait a Minute
10. LL Cool J – Headsprung
11. Xzibit – Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
12. Sha Stimuli – Clap at Ya
13. TS – Lean Back
14. Kardinal Offishall – Bumboclawt

DJ Die brings the Cross Collaborations mix

It’s been a while but at last FULL CYCLE release their latest mix album and this time, it a group effort!! Including the mighty MEGA MIX!! Too many top tunes o­n here – some killing dance floors already! Clinically put together by the o­ne like DJ Die, this o­ne is well worth the wait!

01. Die & Clipz ? Monorail
02. Photek & Die featuring Hollie G ? Thunder
03. Roni Size, Die & Krust – Appreciation
04. Krust & Die ? It’s A Trap (Clipz Remix)
05. Krust & Die ? Collision Course
06. Roni Size & Die ? Raw, Dirty & Grimey
07. Roni Size & Die feat Hollie G ? Impact Music
08. Krust & Surge ? Stuck In The Mud
09. Die & Clipz ? Channel Rock
10. Roni Size, Die & Krust feat Tech 3 – Keystone Cops
11. Die & Clipz ? Fresh Evidence
12. Roni Size & Surge ? Class Act
13. Tali ? Lyric o­n My Lip (Krust & Clipz Remix)
14. Clipz & Krust – Robots Rebellion
15. D Product & Surge ? Bounce The Bass
16. Krust & Clipz ? Brainwash
17. Die & Clipz – Citizen
18. Clipz & Surge ? Pump It Up
19. Clipz & Surge ? No Tomorrow
20. Clipz & Tali ? My Shoes
21. Megamix
All Aboard The Funk Truck with Flow Dynamics

The Flow Dynamics Funk Truck is here to drop the first of three funky payloads o­n 2,3,BREAK! This is strictly a mix of old school classics that lie in the feelgood realm somewhere between funk & disco. There’s nothing rare or obscure here, just a mixup of some fun, funky tunes that friends and family kept asking Flow Dynamics to make. You’ll recognise a lot of the beats, breaks, samples and tracks o­n here as the backing to some classic hip hop tracks, especially if you’re a De La Soul or Nightmares o­n Wax fan. This mix is the first in a 3-part series of old school funk, hip hop and party breaks mixes put together by Flow Dynamics that will be available right here o­n 2,3,BREAK over the coming weeks!

01. The Sequins – ‘Funk You Up’
02. Aunt Louise – ‘I like Funky Music’
03. Boy Aires – ‘Love Will Bring Us Back Together’
04. JP and the Moonshine Band – ‘I Get Lifted’
05. The Bar Cards – ‘Let’s Have Some Fun’
06. The King Gees – ‘I Believe In Music’
07. Racy Jones – ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’
08. Water Murky Band – ‘Get A Little Loving’
09. Holdin It – ‘I Feel Sanctified’
10. Loose – ‘Catch A Groove’
11. Tea Correction – ‘Groove To Get Down’
12. People Rejoice – ‘Do It Any Way You Wanna’
13. The Barbarians – ‘Shack Up’
14. Police Force – ‘We Got The Funk’
15. The Lemmings – ‘Get That Groove In’
16. Gas – ‘Sing Sing’
17. Mighty Bike Riders – ‘Evil Vibrations’
18. Wide Select – ‘Always There’
Katalyst and Leeroy Brown Hip Hop mix

Katalyst and his main scratch co-hort, Leeroy Brown provide the cuts and drops from this hip hop mix circa 2003. A rare mix that wasn’t released commercially, this set contains many of the old favourites and underground classics such as Dilated Peoples, Gang Starr, Blackalicious, Gift of Gab, Pharcyde, KRS-One + Rhazel, Ugly Duckling and more. Now who’s laughing!

Track Listing:
Not available at present
Controller 7 goes “pop”

At the end of 2003, Controller 7 began compiling something he roughly refered to as the “pop” mix. This part-time hobby was an attempt to keep a smile o­n his face. What resulted was a 15 and a half minute mix that made friends out of former strangers. The mix features music from Kelis, Digital Underground, Stezo, Justin Timberlake, Slick Rick, Whodini, Oran “Juice” Jones, Busta Rhymes, Dimples Tee, G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid, Cerrone, UTFO, Jermaine Stewart, Jungle Brothers, Five Deez, and Britney Spears. Britney Spears??? o­nly 50 were made. Its a cute little pocket sized mix that will make the ladies say ohhhhh and the fellas say yooooooo! Like a dance party in your pocket. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Everyone needs it. Check it!

Tracklisting (sort of):
Kelis – “Milkshake”
Digital Underground – “The Humpty Dance”
Stezo – “It’s My Turn”
Justin Timberlake – “Like I Love You”
Slick Rick – “I Shouldn’t Have Done It”
Whodini – “Nasty Lady”
Oran “Juice” Jones – “The Rain”
Busta Rhymes – “Light Your Ass o­n Fire”
Missy Elliott – “I’m Really Hot”
Dimples Tee – “Jealous Fellas”
G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid – “Play That Beat Mr. D.J.”
Cerrone – “Rocket In The Pocket”
U.T.F.O. – “Kangol & Doc”
Jermaine Stewart – “The Word Is Out”
Jungle Brothers – “What U Waitin’ 4”
Five Deez – “B-Girl”
Britney Spears – “I’m A Slave 4 U”
DJ T-Rock serves up his Hip Hop Sundae

DJ T-Rock is a party rocking scratch addict (by his own addmission.) The Hip Hop Sundae mix is a mixture of hip hop, rock, turntablism, funk, soul, breakbeat, mixing, scratching, party rockin’, 45’s, 12 inches, old stuff and new. Also some original production and a few surprise remixes by the man himself. This mix has everything from a funked up version of Foxy Lady to a rock solid mix of Wild Thing by various artists. Gangstarrs ‘Just to get a Rep’ gets a wicked touch up, as does Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Tone loc and many, many more! Word!

1. Scratchin in Rhythm/Pay Attention
2. Bizarre Ride with my Dirty 45’s (2:05)
3. Full Contact Rock Mixology (20:30)
4. A New Style of Cut Thrusts (30:05)
5. Funky Finger Acrobatics (31:36)
6. Disobedient Jimi @ the AA Meeting (50:23)
7. The Stevie Raw Wonder Shimmy (52:49)
8. Reputation of a Genius of Love (53:50)
9. Good ol Fashioned Rock Solid DJing (55:10)
Boca plays us his 45’s

Boca45 recently stepped to the turntables and recorded a 1-hour live mix featuring his beloved 45’s. No ProTools used here mate! It’s a live mix that has everything from Aretha Franklin to Mos Def, Jay Z VS The Beatles, some Beastie Boys stuff, the legendary Marley Marl, Donovan and of course, some Boca45 tracks too. Check it out!

1. Intro
2. Boca 45 ‘The Countdown’
3. Bohannon ‘Rap o­n Mr DJ’
4. Mad Kap ‘Proof Is In The Puddin’
5. OC ‘Times Up’
6. Keith Mansfield ‘Morning Broadway’
7. Aretha Franklin ‘One Step Ahead’
8. Mos Def ‘Ms Fat Booty’
9. Boca45 ‘Airdrums’
10. Bobby Franklins Insanity ‘Bring It o­n Down’
11. The Turtles ‘I’m Chief Kamanawanaiea’
12. The Byrds ‘Fido’
13. DJ Shadow ‘The Number Song Cut Chemist Party Mix’
14. Boca 45 ‘Steady Rocking’
15. Technolo G ‘Go To Work’
16. Beastie Boys ‘Shadrach instrumental’
17. Marley Marl ‘Marley Marl Scratch’
18. John Williams ‘Boogaloo Baby’
19. Willie Mitchell ’30-60-90′
20. Divine Styler ‘Aint Saying Nothing’
21. Master Ace ‘Letter To The Better’
22. Interlude..
23. Boca 45 ‘Take A Ride’
24. Marsha Hunt ‘Wild Thing’
25. Donavon ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’
26. Carl Bradney ‘Slipping Into Darkness’
27. John Holt ‘Ali Baba’
28 .Boca 45 ‘It’s Over..’
29. Jay Z vs The Beatles ‘Encore’
Mr. Scruff: keeping it Solid Steel

Mr. Scruff is back with a new mix-CD release titled “Keeping it Solid Steel” pt.1. Mixing everything from Ultramagnetic MC’s, Dread Boyz, Mark Rae, Sarah Winton, Erykah Badu and The Arsonists, this o­ne is definately worth checking out.

1. Intro
2. Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Brother Culture, Ing
3. Big Youth, Waterhouse Rock (g-corp 12″ mix)
4. Eigth from the Egg, Black Milk
5. Just Ice, Going Way Back
6. Chocolate Milk, Time Machine
7. Arsoninsts, Flashback
8. Erykah Badu, Back in the Day
9. Utd, My Kung Fu
10. Ultramagnetic MCs, Ego Trippin
11. Papa Austin with Great Peso, Wrong Girls to Play with
12. Sarah Winton, Tell me how
13. Demon Boyz, Recognition
14. Dred Scott, Check the Vibe”
15. Mark Rae V Deadbeats, Funky for you
16. Madknap, Dopest Verse
17. 2day & 2moro, Disney o­n Acid (cappo,learn to dance accapella)
18. The Peddlers, Impressions (part 3)
19. Luis Enriquez, Carrefour
LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad Progressions Sessions: LIVE in Germany

Synonymous with the drum’n’bass genre all over the world, LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad provide the tunes from their latest Progression Session set recorded live in Germany.

1. Greg Packer……………… Organ Tune
2. Makoto and DJ Inza…….. Eastern Dub
3. MC Conrad and Makoto… Golden Girl
4. Kymera…………………… This Is Soul Mine
5. Stress Level & TC 1…….. No Way Back
6. Catch 22…………………. Burning
7. Basic Operations…………. Era Soul
8. Illogic and Raf……………. Shootout
9. Mathematics V Tactile….. Rub a Dub
10. Makoto…………………… Promise
Rolling with the A.L.F

DJ A.L.F has been part of the Sydney DnB scene since it’s early days. Check out this latest set that he’s put together which is “absolutely chocca’s” with local d’n’b talent including Vice Versa, Ritual, Freddy Fred, Motive and Semper Fi! Serious stuff, mate!

* = Australian xx = UK/International
01. Vtek – The Calm *
02. Sean – Beneath The Surface *
03. ALF & Vice Versa – Out Of Da Loop *
04. Ritual – Apeman *
05. Calibre – Little Man [Soul:r] xx
06. Motive – Saviour Dub *
07. Commix – Roots Train [Hospital] xx
08. Qproject – Nation 2 Nation [Hospital] xx
09. ALF & Vice Versa – Jubby *
10. Calibre – Cold Halo [Revol:ver] xx
11. Ritual – Dubwise *
12. Wicked Beat Sound System – Dis Sound (Vice Versa Remix) *
13. Break – The Compass [Explicit] xx
14. Motive – The Knowledge *
15. FreddyFred – Del Boca Vista *
16. FreddyFred – ? *
17. Motive – Airtight *
18. Mas & Seanie T – 7 Days O’ Erb (Ritual Remix) *
19. Semper-Fi – Far From Here *
20. Vice Versa – Snuff Box (RollersMusic – ALF & Ritual Remix) *
Mirage Expedition mix

DJ Mirage is o­ne half of Aussie DnB production team Vice Versa. Their live sets consist of DJ Mirage spinning tracks whilst MC Ro takes to the mic. Take a seat, you’re going o­n an expedition!

1 Nookie – Nightfalls [Looking Good]
2 Makoto – Voices [Good Looking]
3 Everything but the girl – Blame [Virgin]
4 Radiance – Jazz resource [Purified Audio]
5 carlito & addiction – nothing better [Defunked]
6 calibre – vice [Creative Source]
7 total science – juicy fruit [CIA]
8 mistical – mistical dub [Soul:R]
9 influx datum – back for more [Formation]
10 mist – play o­n me [Soul:R]
11 omni trio – nu birth [Moving Shadow]
12 sonic generation – absolute magnitude [Looking Good]
13 klute – phonecall (matrix rmx) [Certificate 18]
14 photek – rings around saturn [science]

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