Sven Swift – like U don´t care [op3n]004

Sven Swift – like U don´t care [op3n]004

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Swift strikes back!

After his (in any way) extraordinary netaudio compilation for
zerinnerung, 12rec´s own sven swift now offers another view o­n the
bizarre beauty of the avantgarde in netaudio releases.
On “like U don´t care” the double sided virtual cassette for the
spanish op3n mixtape-netlabel he combines postrockish guitar drones,
fidgety electronics, odd ambient soundscapes, weird beats and little
song constructions with his trademark field-recordings. And all for
one sake… astonishing music.

Okay, we better let the playlist speak for itself. enjoy!

Side A:
01 – item – pennies from heaven
02 – tigrics – he, jelfej!
03 – pantasz – tesla
04 – zavoloka – rankova
05 – makunouchi bento – cariul d
06 – muhr – ladescente
07 – milhaven – cold stars (live excerpt)*
08 – peter holy – time*
09 – elias falken – et in arcardia ego CD
10 – sepia hours – still blossoming, again and again (excerpt)
11 – zen savauge – strange attractors
12 – radioboy – television
13 – lo-bat – smack the jackpot (live)*
14 – lullaby for all the chipheads out there

Side B:
01 – cryptic scenery – final glimmer*
02 – asyncdrone – distance 1
03 – mike ladd – freestyle*
04 – the moglass – the map (webfootprinting) (excerpt)
05 – tilia – … and coming back (excerpt)*
06 – andrej kiritchenko – illusion of safety
07 – lepenik – i see the ocean from my window (no whales today)*
08 – silk cut – der sommerhit (excerpt)*
09 – pino the frog – signaltest
10 – melodium – hellomusic (ochre remix)
11 – G.N.R. w/ schorsch kamerun – improvisation 1 (live excerpt)*
12 – BRTLMN – o­nublauxe
13 – unstern bedroht – like there is no tomorrow (excerpt)

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net|cd – temp~festival compilation 2005

net|cd – temp~festival compilation 2005

3 CDs | 41 artists/tracks | ~3:20 stunden | cover zum selberbasteln

da schon die temp-compilation 2004 ein riesenerfolg war legen wir heuer kräftig nach und präsentieren die temp~festival-compilation 2005 mit über 3 stunden musik auf 3 knallvollen CDs!

das ganze gibts in 3 varianten:
– mp3-stream – lo oder hi – zum gleich hören,
– oder eingepackt, alle mp3s (192k) inklusive cover in 4 paketen
– oder als einzelfiles (192k)

und übrigens: wer saugt, muss sich auch für den temp~newsletter anmelden 😉

mp3-streams zum sofort hören

CD1 stream 40k
CD2 stream 40k
CD3 stream 40k

CD1 stream 192k
CD2 stream 192k
CD3 stream 192k

eingepackt plus cover:

CD1 zipfile – tracks 01-15 (~95 MB)
CD2 zipfile – tracks 16-28 (~100 MB)
CD3 zipfile – tracks 29-41 (~80 MB)
cover pdf – zum ausdrucken (~2,4 MB)

read more for full tracklisting


Gomma Label Mixtapes available for download

from the gomma website…


// MUNK: TOTAL XX …sometime in spring @ F.U.N. club //// Berlin 2005 (58.1 mb .
// MUNK KRAPPOMIXO & KAPPUTTO Fucked up@ RUBYBAR //// 03/05 Munchen 
// MUNK: SlowMOTIONE …for RUBYBAR//// Munchen //// May 2005 (41.1 mb .zip file)
// TOMBOY: A nice mix …(54.8 mb .zip file)
// HILTMEYER INC: A tape for my girlfriends! …(57.9 mb .zip file)
// HILTMEYER: A night @ Erste Liga INC … / Munich Jan 04 (54.6 mb .zip file)
// MUNK playing records at KLUB ERSTE LIGA …Monaco 04 (53.8 mb .zip file)



// JASON from DOWN UNDER: MIDNIGHT TANGO …(37.6 mb .zip file)
// FUNKSTORUNG (Il duca De Luca!): Flavor part o­ne …(42.8 mb .zip file)
// DubMaster SPILLUS (The don of GENOVA): Lover’s tracks …(62.9 mb .zip file)
// DubMaster SPILLUS: RAW 12 …(56.9 mb .zip file)
// DJ MOONER (Club le bomb): Music for digital cowboys pt. 4A …(32.2 mb .zip file)
// DJ MOONER (Club le bomb): Music for digital cowboys pt. 4B …(21 mb .zip file)
// DJ CHLOE: Pulp musique …(52.8 mb .zip file)
// ARTHUR 8: The man from W.A.R.S.A.W. …(67.1 mb .zip file)
// DJ MARFLOW says: Rock the needle – fuck editing! …(16.2 mb .zip file)
// KIKI: 60 min @ Superfreak …(56.2 mb .zip file)
// ITALO DE RUGGIERO: Il don of New York’s APT – parte uno …(52.4 mb .zip file)
// ITALO DE RUGGIERO: Il don of New York’s APT – parte due …(47.7 mb .zip file)
// DJ KAOS: A livemix …(30.3 mb .zip file)
// DJ MOONER of Erkrankung durch Musique: The fabulous Dr. Mooner X-mas mix 2004 …(54.5 mb .zip file)

// DJ OOF: Can you pass the OOF acid test? …(108.7 mb .zip file)

Some favorie AFRO COSMIC tapes (1980-1983):

// DJ LODA: Ellettronica meccanica 22/86–1 …(27.4 mb .zip file)
// DJ LODA: Ellettronica meccanica 22/86–2 …(27.6 mb .zip file)
// DJ LODA: Ellettronica meccanica 27/87–1 …(27.7 mb .zip file)
// DJ LODA: Ellettronica meccanica 22/87–2 …(28.2 mb .zip file)
// MOZART 82 part 1 …Baldelli’s former partner (29 mb .zip file)
// MOZART 82 part 2 …They used to call this Afro – Funk Cosmic …(29.1 mb .zip file)
// THYPHOON 19/82 part 1 …our favorite DJ LODA again (28.1 mb .zip file)
// THYPHOON 19/82 part 2 …Yeah – slow down, baby! (29.1 mb .zip file)
// cosmicDANCE 12/83 part 1 …Do it! (17.7 mb .zip file)
// cosmicDANCE 12/83 part 2 …and again and again… (28.6 mb .zip file)
// The legendary DJ LODA: Thyphoon! Italian Cosmic Music 1 …(42.3 mb .zip file)
// The legendary DJ LODA: Thyphoon! Italian Cosmic Music 2 …(41.7 mb .zip file)
// The legendary DJ LODA: Thyphoon! Italian Cosmic Music 3 …(53.7 mb .zip file)

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Son of Rose is a computer synthesis based project pursuing the evident and unlimited nature of sound by applying numerically specific frequencies to meticulously sculpted sound archives. The result is an aural structure resolving, organic, and textural.Tunneling beds of sonic paper drizzled with sap
and torched, revealing a horizon worth visiting.

veil LIVE mp3(22 min.)

((( the second half of a live performance o­n 4.24.05 at the baltic room )))
pince-nez mp3
veil mp3
hand o­n her mp3
stinging nettle mp3
sakura mp3
below mp3
prayer mp3
she spoke mp3
before i depart mp3
sailing inside mp3
luster mp3


Download APHEX TWIN & AUTECHRE live !

Live in Vancover. 

das set right-click-save





A matched mixup of Autechre tracks from their many albums over the years. Mixed by Mosca.

Track (Album)

Dael (Tri Repetae)
6IE.CR (Draft 7.30)
Nil (Amber)
Arch Carrier (LP5)
Goz Quarter (Envane EP)
Rotar (Tri Repetae)
Inhake 2 (Peel Session)
Montreal (Amber)
Clipper (Tri Repetae)
Basscadet (Incunabula)
Bike (Incunabula)
Drane (Peel Session)
Draun Quarter (Envane EP)
Laughing Quarter (Envane EP)
Stud (Tri Repetae)

Find out more about autechre and purchse thier albums by visiting the warp records website.

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download autechre mix



mixed by disos
posted: 15.2.2005

mixed somewhere around 2002

(a side) 6.96mb mp3 30minutes 25seconds (download)

daiphlux : eht llwwrrrssss mtyk
christian kleine : kritzel
prefuse 73 : living life
multicast : caliste (solar sailor)
christian kleine : carez
safety scissors : over
autechre : lowride
multicast : tropicalada
zorn : the city’s collapsing but not tonight
boards of canada : o­ne very important thought

(b side) 6.96mb mp3 29minutes 05seconds (download)

ursula rucker : supa sista society nu’mericana jazz remix
4 hero : naima
urban soul collective : midnite luv
sk radicals : reachin’ 4 da farside (misa negra remix)
agent k : ladies (madslinky mix)
ty : break the lock

Some experimental stuff o­n the A side, mainly electronica
On the other hand, the b-side is featuring the new stuff from philly and west london. Brokenbeats an Jazzy vibes. –disos

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